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termite treatment termite treatment

Termite treatment

With both curative treatment and preventive services, Terminix® offers the most advanced solutions to protect your home from termites.

Termite Control Starting As Low As $69/mo.**

termite treatment

Termites are swarming nationwide and your home needs protection. Luckily, our termite protection plans start as low as $69/mo. Click below to schedule your FREE inspection and ensure your home is protected from termites.
termite nix guarantee
The Nix Termite Guarantee means you can relax knowing we’ll nix your termite problem, and keep it nixed. And if termites come back or if signs of new activity appear, so will we — at no additional cost to you.1
terminix guarantee
The Nix & Fix Termite Guarantee means we’ll nix your termite problem for as long as you keep your plan. Plus we'll come back and fix any new termite damage.2

We know termites

  • Termites exist in every state but Alaska and costs homeowners $5 billion every year in the United States3

  • A well-organized subterranean termite colony can have more than a million hungry workers consuming over 100 pounds of wood per year.

  • Termites never stop. They feast 24/7.

  • Termites can fit through a crack as thin as 1/32nd of an inch, which is the thickness of a credit card.

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