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centipede and millipede control centipede and millipede control

Centipede & millipede control

It takes a professional to protect your home from these crawling creatures.

We know centipedes & millipedes

  • Millipedes won't bite you, but they can emit a smelly fluid that might irritate your eyes or skin.

  • Most centipedes found around buildings rarely measure longer than 2 inches, but some in Texas and the southwest can be 6 inches or longer.

  • Millipedes are nature's little recyclers. They are detritivores, meaning they feed on dead plants and animals.

  • Centipedes are nocturnal creatures that hunt down insects and spiders at night.

  • The house centipede is actually a beneficial creature, feeding on spiders and insects found within the home.

  • Though some people often mistakenly refer to it as “biting,” centipedes can pinch, injecting venom through scratching from modified front legs. And, while centipedes are venomous, the venom isn’t usually strong enough to seriously harm people.

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