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Tick control

The Terminix Tick Defend System begins working immediately to target ticks. Monthly inspections and treatments during tick season keep tick populations down for more peace of mind.

How tick control works


Tick inspection

We'll perform an extensive inspection, identifying potential tick activity sites.

pest control tech

Tick prevention

We recommend ways to adjust your outdoor space to make it less tick-friendly.

tick control

Tick treatment

Treatment begins working immediately to reduce the tick population in your yard.

pest control guarantee


Monthly service keeps tick populations down for more peace of mind.

pest guarantee
The Nix Pest Guarantee means you can relax knowing we’ll nix your tick problem, and keep it nixed. And if ticks come back between treatments, so will we — at no additional cost to you.1

We know tick control

  • danger

    Why are ticks dangerous?

    According to the CDC, ticks can carry harmful diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more. When an infected tick bites and latches onto you or your pet, they can transmit the disease. Terminix tick control begins working immediately to target ticks and keep tick populations down.

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    How do you repel ticks?

    Natural tick repellents have not been scientifically proven to be effective. Products that contain DEET tend to serve as the best tick repellents, according to the CDC. And when it comes to protecting your pets from ticks, you should consult your vet. To remove ticks from your yard, the Terminix Tick Defend System begins working immediately to keep tick populations down.

  • Can you DIY tick control?

    Ticks can be hard to control. It’s important to take preventative measures when you’re outside in potential tick-infested areas, and consult your vet about tick prevention for your pets. But when it comes to treating your yard, Terminix professionals are trained to spot tick habitats and properly use the top products available in the industry to keep the tick population down in your yard.

Frequently asked tick control questions
Are Terminix technicians trained and certified for tick control?

Our technicians go through a rigorous training program prior to their time in the field. We also require them to attend additional training when new technologies and protocols are introduced in order to provide the best service to our customers.

How soon after contacting Terminix can we get tick control service?

We understand seeing pests and the evidence they leave behind can be troubling. But you can be assured that we take this situation seriously. So once contacted, we will do our best to schedule a time that fits your schedule and resolve the issue quickly and completely.

What does the Terminix guarantee include?

With our Nix Guarantee, you can relax knowing we’ll nix your problem and keep it nixed. If ticks come back between treatments, so will we – at no additional cost to you, for as long as you keep your plan.

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