The best funny videos of creepy and crawly bug freakouts.


It's kind of like a scene out of a sci-fi movie. Luckily, for this particular weathercaster, this spider wasn't part of an arachnid-filled "rainstorm."

Stealing the Scene


California: home to beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and fame-seekers looking for just a little more screen time. This reporter from a local San Diego station can’t help but freak out when a flying insect comes a little too close for comfort. And by freak out, we mean scream like a little girl — on live television. Can you blame that bug, though? The sun was shining, the waves were breaking and the camera was rolling. Who wouldn't take advantage of the opportunity for an epic cameo?

A Chivalrous Moment


YouTuber Paul Stone saw an opportunity for a killer bug video while driving with his girlfriend. Notice how calm and collected he stays upon seeing a big green bug on her knee. He pulls over to stop the car. To help her? Nope. To turn on his video camera and record her reaction when he tells her about it. And her reaction is exactly what you’d expect. Hilarious. While probably not the best way to keep a relationship on track, it did make the list of one of our funniest videos.

Teach 'Em Young


Thank you to America's Funniest Home Videos for this next entry. This mother-daughter duo was having a lovely day gardening in the backyard until things took a turn for the worse. Note to self: Never ask a little girl what she’s going to do with that container of bugs.

Full Disclosure and Full Freakout

Wildlife expert Corbin Maxey gave this little boy fair warning there was something yucky waiting for him when he appeared on Corbin's show, Live with the Reptile Guy. But that didn’t stop him from losing it when he saw what it was. Do you think he's ready for a career in entomology?

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