Imagine settling in for the night. You turn on your video game system for a few hours of enjoyment, only to learn that the system won’t turn on. Now imagine how grossed out you would probably be when you took your malfunctioning gaming console to the repair shop to learn that the system is infested with dead cockroaches.

cockroaches infest video game consoles

Cockroaches in Gaming Consoles

Video game repair shops are seeing a new trend — dead cockroaches in video game systems. It’s gotten to the point where some shop owners are charging a “roach fee” to clean the infested machines. And it’s not difficult to determine how this can happen.

When powered on, video game consoles can become pretty warm. And with wide ventilation grates, cockroaches can easily find their way inside to a cozy living area. However, the roaches aren’t the ones paying for this cozy stay — the video game system owners are the ones paying.

When cockroaches infest gaming consoles, the internal power supply can fry them into the system’s components, which can cause the console to malfunction and keep it from turning on. This can result in a pricey power supply replacement for the console owner.

How to Help Get Rid of Cockroaches

The video game console is probably not your only concern if your system is infested with cockroaches, as this is a sign that you likely have a bigger infestation. And cockroaches are not only creepy and unsightly, but they can also trigger allergic reactions in some people. Those with asthma can be especially sensitive to the proteins that cockroaches produce, so this is a problem you’ll want to address and soon.

One way that you can help prevent cockroaches from infesting your home is by keeping it tidy. Some steps you can take to help keep your home unattractive for cockroaches are:

  • Throwing away leftover food
  • Cleaning around and under appliances to clean up possible food crumbs
  • Wiping down and cleaning countertops and sinks after cooking and doing dishes
  • Properly storing pet food in airtight containers
  • Vacuuming around your house, especially in areas that cockroaches like, such as bathrooms and kitchens, to remove possible food sources and allergens

You’ll also want to remove areas of standing water in and around your home, as well as seal exterior gaps or crevices where cockroaches can enter.

Though taking these preventative measures can help make your home less attractive and harder to access for cockroaches, they shouldn’t be relied on as a method for complete control.

If you’re seeing cockroaches in your home, even one or two, there may be many more in hiding nearby. If that’s the case, or if you just want to help prevent them from entering your home in the first place, you should consider contacting a professional pest control company.

Don’t wait until cockroaches are infesting your home and harming your belongings, like video game systems, to take action. Contact Terminix® today to learn more about cockroach control.